Alastair Savage

Photos by Simon Butterworth

Hearing the raucous and the wistful tunes of Alastair Savage, I’ve never felt so proud to be Scottish; his music is so invigorating and soulful, the fact that I’ve actually no Scottish heritage seems but a technicality... the perfect musical conversational partners...the sounds of home, even for those of us who can’t really claim to be a native.


Kate Clarkson, Edinburgh Three Weeks

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The Herald's Rob Adams enjoyed Alastair's 2018 Edinburgh Fringe performances!


"One man, one fiddle and a head full of tunes and background stories make Alastair Savage’s afternoon celebration of Scottish fiddle music’s riches entertaining and informative."


Those same tunes are available for you to listen to at home, in the car, or whilst out for a 10 mile run. You can buy Alone With History, Secrets From The Kitty, Fool For A Time, and Closer to Home here.


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